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    Environmental Sustainability farm group - Data

    The Environmental Sustainability (ES) farm data group is one of four groups established in 2022 to facilitate Future farm in acheiving net-zero by 2030.

    The ES farm data group is involved at the forefront and behind the scenes in projects run by Harper Adams University, especially, collaborating with the projects of the other ES farm groups. The data group prides itself on the continual developement to acheive the four pillars seen below, the group is constantly evolving and dedicating their time to create a data platform which is accessible to all.

    The projects the ES farm data group have been involved in are:

    • Gathering all data from inputs and outputs
    • Integrate farm data platforms to collect performance metrics to inform decision making
    • The migration of databases from old systems to new systems (for example migrating the historical data from Summit to Omnia)
    • Developing a method to select the specific data required for calculation software and standardising carbon accounting

    The projects the ES farm data group are working on currently:

    • Continuation of inputting data into carbon calculators to facilitate the net-zero goal
    • Automation of specific data into carbon calculation software
    • Contribute towards the Rothamsted long-term field experiment to establish best practice principles and practice
    • Data support
    • Data entry and data design for Farm Birds
    • Dairy cow weather and yield data for Global Farm Platform
    • Farm maps
    • Humidity database and data access
    • Continuous training and statistic consultation
    • Continuous contribution towards the Sustainable Farm Network

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