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     Fresh Cow Group

    What We Do...

    There are a mixture of first lactation heifers and older cows in this group. They will stay in this group for at least a week, which allows them to recover after calving and we check them for any signs of ill health such as milk fever, retained membranes and record their feed intakes.

    Cows are given fresh cow checks within the first few days of calving, blood ketones are checked and an internal exam to check for cleanliness of the reproductive tract. If the cow has low rumen fill she may be given a specialised drench with added electrolytes and minerals such as rumen forte or off feed or restore and glycol.

    The small group size allows them to have extra feed face space and greater access to water troughs as well as a choice of cubicles to lie in. There is never more than 30 cows in this group. These cows are milked last as some may still be on milk withhold post calving (due to medicine withdrawal period or the cow still producing colostrum) and it allows for extra staff time in the parlour for the new milking heifers.

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